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  • Personal Flowers

    Introduction: Floral designers are regularly asked to create beautiful bridal bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. Flowers are vital to enchancing the wedding ceremony. Personal flowers are described as the various styles of floral compositions that are designed to be worn or carried. This includes flowers you carry for special occasions or weddings or designs created to wear as floral jewelry.

  • The elements and principles of design are the building blocks of every successful composition. 

    Introduction:  Elements and principles of design are not only restricted to floral design but rather, consistent with any art form, whether landscape design, painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, etc.

    As you work through the Elements and Principles think the following questions:

    1. How do the elements of design differ from the principles of design?

    2. Can the elements exist without the principles?

    3. Can the principles exist without the elements?

  • The Design Technique and Applications course gathers together the terms related to the "nuts and bolts" of assembling a flower arrangement; from the container it goes into, to the tools and techniques needed to put it together. Combined with the elements and principles of design, this helps give you an understanding of the practical applications involved in creating successful floral design.

  • This course is designed to acquaint the student with basic information about the floral industry, including:

    1. its origins from a historical perspective, basic floristry tools, supplies, and mechanics, identification of commonly used cut flowers/foliage and plants,  and an overview of the American Institute of Floral Designer (AIFD). 

    For the beginning floral designer, this course is recommended prior to enrolling in any other AIFD online course.

  • everyday

    "Everyday" designs are designs that are typically made regularly in flower shops. Though some shops may specialize in certain styles, this course is primary focused on geometric styled designs.

    Much of the work that many floral designers perform is concerned with funerals or religious services; sometimes both at the same time.

     Many of the rites, rituals and customs associated with death have their origins in religious traditions, and the bereaved often find solace in their faith, i.e. rosaries are placed inside caskets, burials take place in churchyards, or religious monuments are erected over gravesites. Thus, the most common floral tributes having to do with expressions of sympathy or berevement have been collected into this course.

  • Online program for certification of AIFD evaluators/judges.  Please go to www.AIFD.org to register for this course or click on the course title (to the left) to enter the course after registration. (The course will become available to registered users on 4/14/14)

  • Welcome to the Professional Floral Design Evaluation

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